Our Partners


As Australia’s leading provider of after hours doctor home visits, 13SICK, National Home Doctor Service engages with patients and carers from all parts of the community. Our Doctors are understand the special needs of patients, from treating infants and small children, whose symptoms often get worse at night, to treating patients with a disability, relieving the distress of an asthma flare up or helping families with ageing relatives.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional, accessible and sustainable healthcare service and to this end we are proud to partner with a number of like-minded organisations and companies that provide health care, support and information to their communities.

By partnering with these groups we are able to further assist some of our most important patient and carer groups.

Australian Multiple Birth Association
The Australian Multiple Birth Association (AMBA) is the leading support organisation for families with twins, triplets or more. AMBA is active in supporting families and increasing awareness of the unique needs of multiple birth families…read more

Asthma Australia
Australia has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world. 13SICK  is working with Asthma Australia to support people living with asthma and their families...read more

Worried parents of small children are one of the biggest groups to use our service, partly because children often fall ill late at night or on the weekend. Our partnership with Huggies gives parents access to useful information on parenting and health issues…read more